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Carbon Literacy For Housekeepers

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Our training engages staff with the positive impacts of being a carbon-conscious, sustainable housekeeper and discusses the practicalities of measuring and reducing carbon emissions.

By having Carbon Literate housekeepers, and making sustainable choices daily, your hotel will Save money, be more attractive to increasingly carbon-literate travellers and meet new industry standards.

A low-carbon hospitality industry safeguards the environment and its future.

Our course is available to Individual's, businesses and organisations in the UK, Europe, and globally.  


This course is designed specifically for the Hospitality Sector, accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project and delivered by industry professionals.

The Online, self-paced workbook was created to give everyone a sound background knowledge in Carbon Literacy before attending the workshops.

Our First​ Housekeepers Workshop will be on Wednesday 8th May


You will be invited to book your place once you complete the workbook.

For larger employers, we would be pleased to discuss developing bespoke content.

A train-the-trainer option is also available should that be the most appropriate method of delivery for your organisation. 

By completing the interactive workbook you will have a good understanding of Carbon Literacy before attending the workshop. It covers an introduction to Carbon Literacy, the science of Climate Change, why Climate Change matters, communicating about climate change and calculating carbon footprints and much more.
Workshop one

Reviews the workbook:

Ensuring everyone has understood the science of climate change. 

Discusses the impact of climate change globally and for hospitality. 

Reviews personal Carbon Footprints and the hospitality sector

commitment to reduce Carbon emissions by 66% per room per night.

Workshop two

Focuses in on hospitality sector specifics such as

Carbon measurement tools for hotels.

What practical steps we can take towards reducing carbon emissions for both your staff and your department.

Supports you to develop actions to reduce carbon in day to day operations.

Concluding with the creation of their Carbon reduction pledge and completing Carbon Literate Citizen award application form   

Accredited Course No.420 and No.637
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